Masturbation and Sex Today

Masturbation from my own view is the process of exciting the reproductive organ with the hands by a person. Masturbation has become a major problem to youth these days because of the exposure we get from both movies and newspapers. Youths are encouraged often times by certain people to ease their sexual urge themselves. Companies these days have taken over this propagation by producing different sex materials ranging from sex toys, to vibrations. Certain creams are also used.

Science has helped man in so many ways but the disadvantages are more than the advantages. From observations, science has about 40% advantage and 60% disadvantages. Youths who engage in this will experience many health and social problems. These include:

– Reduction in sexual urge when they get married
– Many back related problems
– Osteoporosis a medical condition in which bones in the body becomes porous there by causing fracture from time to time.

This is because somehow linked to many things including abortions. It is more from statistics in females than in males and occur later in life usually from ages 45 above

– Heart related problem: people who engage in such practices have been observed to develop serious to mild health problems which in turn lead to other health problems. High blood pressure is more common and this is often difficult to separate from diabetes.

– Mar your image; people, youth most especially who engage in illicit sex lose their respect. It is a very common cause of broken relationships because the guy has seen every thing about the lady. There is this true life story of a lady who just got married. She asked her husband where they where going to spend their honey moon and the man interrupted almost immediately that there was nothing the lady has in her body that is worth the burden because he had already seen every thing. The lady wept.

– Mistrust: those who engage in illicit sex are usually suspicious. They think that their partners are playing off sides when they see them with others. There is also this reduction in trust for partners who engage in premarital sex. Normally ladies in such situations often have very little trust than those in relationships without sex. Check it out today. It is easier to convince a lady who has sex with her partner that he/she is unfaithful than those in relationships without sex. In fact from recent observations it is very difficult to pop into a lady in a relationship without sex and try to make claims that her opposite is unfaithful. The same goes for males too.

– Marriage always fragile: those who engage in premarital sex or sex outside marriage have very fragile marriages as this is the main reason why America is quietly suffering from divorces and threats of such. The high rate of the so called hot people in the society is making marriage durations short lived as many marriages are actually aborted. When a relationship is built on sex, it has 85% likelihood that it will not stand. Majority of the marriages we have that has stood the test of time is because of foundation they laid.

A relationship is actually like one that is building a house.those who start their building on shallow foundations like sex rather than knowing each other, understanding each other and defining boundaries.

A relationship that starts with sex is indirectly telling you that both of you are cheap and not fit for it. A real relationship is one that you go into it and find it exciting. A real relationship is one that when it leads to marriage is like unwrapping a gift, a world where you go and make exploits and have every relaxed mind that the lady’s relations will not follow you, neither are you afraid of pregnancy nor are you afraid of catching std’s.

Save your self such inconveniences and start preparing yourself for a long lasting and exemplary relationship and marriage. Do you want be a celebrated person tomorrow and also want to be a role model to someone today?
I dare you today. Take a step today. I am also a youth like you, have all it takes to get a lady but I keep on asking myself of the profit of sex in relationships. We youths have many questions, like you want to know the capacity of your partner. Know if he/she is sweet, do it for money. But is it the definition of love. True love is patient, kind, is not self seeking, and has a direction that is not dangerous. True love is respectful, kind, trustworthy, real. What is your own definition of a relationship?

A real relationship is one that when it leads to marriage is like unwrapping a gift, a world where you go and make exploits and have every relaxed mind that the lady’s relations will not follow you, neither are you afraid of pregnancy nor are you afraid of catching STD’s.

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Our Era of Celebrities and Sex

Paris Hilton, Fred Durst, Rob Lowe, Colin Farrell, Tonya Harding, Kid Rock, Bam Margera, Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson.

These celebrities have one thing in common: at least half of America has viewed graphic content from the only private part of their lives.
This celebrity sex tape era stems from our fascination with reality TV and obsession with fame and sex, topped off by this technological revolution where everyone has a camcorder and computer with video.
Hardcore porn films have existed since the teens, but one of the earliest star pornos to surface was a nameless film that depicts what appears to be a young Marilyn Monroe, shot around 1948. Six decades later, the latest celebrity sex tape features Colin Farrell and a former Playboy Playmate, and contains a mere 14 minutes of action, marked by dialogue such as: “Where’s the zoom on this?”

But Farrell’s career probably won’t falter, and could even benefit in what has developed to be another media outlet celebrities can now work in. Some critics feel that celebrities may even be in on the sex tape “leaks”. It makes them more interesting and promotes their name.
Although our obsessive celebrity culture has been rising since the 1990’s, this public desire to see their sex tapes is a new development. Why? Partially because in our culture, the media divulges so much personal information about celebrities that people feel they know them on an intimate level.

After Paris Hilton’s sex tape surfaced, her superficial resume bulked up, and her freaking dog even wrote a book! In 2005, Yahoo’s seventh most-searched term in the world was “Paris Hilton”. Her tape is only a well-known example in the celebrity pornography trade, which increases dramatically with each innovation in motion picture technology.

In the past, Hollywood studios worked hard to curb inappropriate behavior. Celebrities under contract had to sign morals clauses, but now celebrities are constantly over boundaries of sexual explicitness that is almost encouraged. Consider 2001’s Monster’s Ball, with an intense and almost too-long sex scene between Billy Bob Thorton and Halle Berry.
The odd thing is, although people eagerly delve into media’s warped values, what we expect from ourselves or our politicians are radically different.

As a U.S. Senator your career would be ruined if your sex tape was leaked. A regular citizen such as me or you would be looked down upon. For example: A former Taiwanese Council woman was involved in sex scandal with her husband. She was described as disgraceful and forced from office. On the other hand, icon Paula Abdul had a sexual affair with a contestant on “American Idol” but is still a judge even after recordings and phone records displayed her relationship with the contestant…but the network claimed there was no proof.

What do these instances say about our society and our values? Why does our culture reward celebrities with publicity for their lewd acts?

Lauren Wise is a junior studying journalism at Arizona State University. She is editor of the college newspaper, a column writer for the independent paper Cellar Door created by students, the community college’s campus paper, and does freelance work over the internet and for local businesses. She is planning on joining the Peace Corps when she graduates in 2007 and write about her experiences so more people in America will know the conditions of countries that we rarely hear about. She loves writing, painting, playing the piano, going out with friends to sports bars, and works fulltime at a resort.

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The Most Sought After Women Celebrity Fragrances of the Year

It’s that time of the year again and there are so many new fragrances from women celebrities that came out just for this year alone. I compiled these lists from sales and reviews of women celebrities’ fragrances; they are all ranging from early day to late night use. There is over 10 women celebrity fragrances featured in this article and I have included one of the most popular designer fragrances for this year.
You can use this article to help you decide on which of these perfumes to purchase for treating yourself or just simply giving that special gift for someone. Now, in the business world this information could be valuable to you or your company as it calls to enjoy for lucrative offer, which is coined with glittering lifestyle and luxury. If you are a promoter of fragrances or perfumes, I would include these celebrities’ fragrances into marketing or ads. If you have your own business or online business, adding these celebrity perfumes to a display or the main index page of your site, “home page” will help.
It’s an haute market for fragrances but in present scenario the most sought after women celebrity fragrances are:

Beyonce Heat Ultimate Elixir Fragrance

A must have if you liked the original Beyonce Heat. The description for Beyonce Heat Ultimate Elixir has turned up the glamour with the Beyonce Heat, an opulent and intoxicating twist on the original scent. Indulge yourself with this warm and sultry fragrance that captures the essence of some of the world’s most sensuous and rare flowers. The notes for Beyonce Heat Ultimate Elixir fragrance are the same for Beyonce Heat but stronger. The top notes are vanilla orchid, magnolia, neroli and peach. The mid notes for this fragrance are honeysuckle, almond and musky cream. The base notes have sequoia wood, Tonka Bean and amber. I would recommend wearing Beyonce Heat Ultimate Elixir in the early evening into the night.

Britney Spears Radiance Fragrance

It appeals to wide variety of women in all age groups. The description for Britney Spears Radiance is luscious berry and dewy petals unfold to reveal a radiant heart of luminous pure white flowers, lit from within by the glow of precious amber, wood and sexy musk. The top notes for Britney Spears Radiance are wild red berry and dewy petals. The mid notes have a pleasing African orange flower, iris, jasmine and white tuberose. The base notes for Britney Spears Radiance ends with amber, cashmere wood, and musk. You would wear Britney Spears Radiance mainly in the day though the afternoon into the early evening.

Fergie Outspoken Fragrance

Has a wonderful unique scent. The description for Fergie Outspoken is Uninhibited, Feminine, Floral and Exclusively for Avon! Outspoken is for the woman who needs no introduction. With her fearless confidence, she lets her true personality shine through. True to herself and her beliefs…she is Outspoken. Sexy, Fearless, and Unexpected. An outrageously bold expression of iced berry shockingly contrasted with ultra-feminine tuberose absolute and racy black leather. The top notes start with frozen black currant, star fruit and wild saffron. The mid notes of Fergie Outspoken have an appealing scent of jasmine and passionflower and tuberose. The base notes are ebony wood, leather and vetiver. I would advise wearing Fergie Outspoken fragrance in the early evening to late night.

Halle Berry Pure Orchid Fragrance

Has a sweet and soft scent of orchid. Halle Berry Pure Orchid’s description is sexy, seductive and playful. Pure Orchid has an exotic quality that you can wear from day to night. Pure Orchid is a floral woody fragrance expressing each woman’s unique intrigue and sensuality. Floral luminous and complex, the scent of Masdevallia Orchid changes throughout the day, becoming spicier, sexier. Halle Berry Pure Orchid has amazing top notes of Italian lemons, jungle cactus flower, and papaya nectar fizz. The mid notes are blackberry creme concentre and Masdevallia orchid. The base note consists of giant sequoia, patchouli leaf, and Tonka Bean. I would suggest wearing Halle Berry Pure Orchid during day to early evening.

Jennifer Lopez Love & Glamour Fragrance

Has a glorious and clean scent. The description for Jennifer Lopez Love & Glamour is The drama, excitement and beauty that define Jennifer Lopez are captured in fragrance and presented to you with Love and Glamour by Jennifer Lopez. The enjoyable top notes for Jennifer Lopez Love & Glamour are Italian Mandarin, Guava, and Nectarine Pulp. The mid notes are Coconut Orchid, Jasmine Petals, Orange Flower Absolute, and Water lily. The base notes finish with Amber, Musk, and Sandalwood. I would propose wearing Jennifer Lopez Love & Glamour during the day.

Katy Perry Purr Fragrance

Light sweet fruity scent. Katy Perry Purr’s description is Purr by Katy Perry eau de perfume begins with the aroma of peach nectar and forbidden apple, evolves with a distinct floral bouquet of jasmine blossom, Bulgarian rose and vanilla orchid, and slowly reveals accents of creamy sandalwood and musk. Like the singer herself, Purr is playful yet sophisticated. Katy Perry transcends barriers with her music and so does her new fragrance. Katy Perry Purr’s top notes have a mouthwatering peach and forbidden apple scents with gardenia and green bamboo scents. The mid notes are Bulgarian rose, jasmine, and pink freesia. The base notes have a coconut, vanilla orchid, musk, creamy sandalwood and white amber scents. I would mention wearing Katy Perry Purr during the day mainly.

Kate Spade Twirl Fragrance

Has a more of a floral smell. The description of Kate Spade Twirl is we’ve infused our celebratory new fragrance with a dash of joie de vivre- perfect for colorful days and cocktail soirees. Our roller ball is specially designed to be slipped into your tote (and then on into your clutch) for a touch of twirl while you’re out about town. Kate Spade Twirl has top notes of red currant and pink watermelon mingles with blackberry. The mid notes are orange blossom, star jasmine, magnolia and tiare flower. Kate Spade Twirl has French macaroon and musk. I would recommend wearing this during the day.

Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Fragrances

The collection is described as Lollipop Bling is a candy inspired collection of three fun fragrances embodying Mariah Carey’s fun loving personality. Each fragrance is bright, sparkling and multifaceted with its own signature spin.

Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Honey Fragrance description is an irresistible fragrance combining a touch of honey and pineapple, creating a bright and sunny fragrance. Fun, fabulous and irresistible. Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Honey top notes are passion fruit, pineapple juice, lemon drops. The mid notes come in with Amazon lily, fresh ginger, and white freesia. The base notes are frosted musk, linden flowers, and honey. I suggest wearing Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Honey in the day.

Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Ribbon Fragrance description is a mouthwatering fragrance inspired by the flavor of the blue raspberry Ring Pop and combined with a beautiful floral bouquet. Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Ribbon top notes start with raspberries, honeydew, and cucumber pulp. The mid notes are hydrangea, blue lotus, and jasmine dew. Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Ribbon’s base ends with liquid muck, white woods, and sugar crystals. I suggest wearing Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Ribbon during the day.

Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Mine Again Fragrance is description is a combination of chocolate raspberry and magnolia to create an addictive fragrance. The top notes of Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Mine Again are red currants, blood orange, and heliotrope. The mid notes are raspberry chocolate, magnolia. The Base notes of Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Mine Again are creamy musk, Tonka beans, and vanilla. i suggesting wearing Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Mine Again in the early evening into the night.

Mary J. Blige My Life Fragrance

Has a more of a sweet floral Tuberose smell. Mary J. Blige My Life has a description of rock your inner diva with a perfect medley of fruit, woods and floras. A blend of femininity, confidence and strength, this celebrity fragrance spray is very sexy. Mary J. Blige My Life fragrance top notes open with Gardenia petals, Bartlett pear and white freesia. The mid notes are Tuberose, jasmine, golden lily and apricot blossom. The base notes of Mary J. Blige My Life are Cashmere woods, praline, sesame and incense. Mary J. Blige My Life fragrance is a versatile scent that can be worn any time.

Paris Hilton Tease Fragrance

Has an icy jolt of light floras and apples. The description for Paris Hilton Tease is Paris is channeling that eternal glamour for the launch of her latest fragrance Tease, inspired by her fascination with Marilyn Monroe and old Hollywood glamour. A playful, contemporary, and chypre floral with only a hint of fruit for the seductress side of the modern girl. Wearing this for a night out on the town feels all out glam, like Monroe singing “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” in hot pink satin; but with a surprisingly sophisticated, ultra-feminine feel. For attention loving divas only! Paris Hilton Tease has top notes of apple, Bergamot, White Peach, and Sea Accord. The mid notes are Frangipani Flower, Jasmine, and Tuberose. Paris Hilton Tease has base notes of amber, Blond Woods, and Sand Accord. Wearing Paris Hilton Tease is recommended during the day to early evening.

Shakira S Fragrance

Has a fresh breath of woods and vanilla smell. The description of Shakira S is inspired by Shakira’s search for happiness, bliss and well-being. S by Shakira introduces us to Shakira’s most intimate side: a fragrance for women who, like Shakira, are enchanted by their dreams. An extremely seductive and addictive blend that reflects Shakira’s mixed origins and explores her more delicate side. Three simple accords come together, each representing three facets of Shakira. Together they form her essence. The top notes of Shakira S are jasmine and white flowers. The mid note is Sandalwood. The base notes for Shakira S are amber and vanilla. I would propose wearing Shakira S during the afternoon to early evening.

Sarah Jessica Parker SJP NYC Fragrance

Has a fruity and floral scent. SJP NYC Sarah Jessica Parker has a description of a new scent of style and a total celebration of fashion and fragrance. A deliciously addictive and colorful fruity floral built around a vivacious wild strawberry accord with a cocktail of feminine floral and creamy sensual undertones. The top notes of SJP NYC Sarah Jessica Parker are Italian Mandarin, White Osmanthus, and wild red strawberry. The mid tones are Gardenia, Honeysuckle, Mimosa, and Red Rose. The base notes for SJP NYC Sarah Jessica Parker are musk, sandalwood, rum, and vanilla. I would suggest wearing SJP NYC Sarah Jessica Parker during the day into late afternoon.

There are many other women celebrity fragrances that I didn’t mention in this article that are very pleasing. As I stated earlier, this list is based on sales and reviews of the celebrities’ fragrances. Nevertheless, in my opinion there are no top fragrances because it all depends on the lifestyle your living and your own personal opinion. The next fragrance is a designer fragrance is one of the most popular this year. I would encourage all women to try this exotic scent.

Gucci Guilty Fragrance

Has a sexy and modern smell. Gucci Guilty has a description about the feeling that you can attain whatever you want. It is about pushing your personal boundaries and experiencing the thrill of the forbidden. Without compromise, Gucci Guilty is a statement about who you are. With the richness of amber and the fresh femininity of lilac, the fragrance speaks to the bold. It awakens the senses with a daring edge of sexiness and sensuality that is Gucci. Gucci Guilty top notes open with mandarin and pink pepper. The mid notes come in with peach, lilac, and geranium. Gucci Guilty has base notes of Amber, and patchouli. I would recommend wearing Gucci Guilty during late afternoon and all night.

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Christians and Sex – The Key to Intimacy

Christian married couples should be enjoying great sex on a regular basis. If this isn’t the case, then the key to intimacy is absent or lacking in one way or another.

Here is the key to Christian intimacy in 3 parts.

1. Recognition. You have to first recognize how important sex is in a Christian relationship. If you don’t place focus on recognizing the importance of sex, then you won’t do anything to improve it. Sex is VERY important and is an AWESOME gift from God which should NOT be ignored, but rather should be practiced regularly. If you look at sex in that kind of light then you recognize how important it is in your relationship and can start taking steps to drastically improve it.

2. Rules. I’m not going to list rules for Christians and sex, but rather address that the problem is often Christians getting too caught up in the confusion regarding rules. What positions are allowed, which techniques should we refrain from; these are common questions with a dozen different answers to them. Rather than get overwhelmed with rules, just pay attention to the 2 most important aspects of Christians and sex. Agreement and safety. Do you both agree on your intimacy practices? Are those practices safe, not causing obvious harm to one another? These 2 points should be met first before getting overwhelmed further with rules.

3. Enjoying Sex. This always gets left out of the equation when discussing Christians and sex. Everyone will focus on rules and guidelines, but will leave out the most important aspect of enjoyment. You should focus your sexual intimacy on the enjoyment factor. Sex was meant to be enjoyed! It is the celebration of your relationship in the ultimate, most intimate form. Always find ways that will improve your intimacy; ways that you can make sex as enjoyable as possible.

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Christians and Sex – 5 Mistakes Christian Couples Make While Intimate

Christian couples make a lot of mistakes while having sex. Intimacy can be so much greater if you avoid the following 5 mistakes regarding Christians and sex.

“Sex should be very brief”. This is a very common mistake regarding Christian sex. It’s the idea that intimacy should never last beyond 30 minutes or an hour. And once it’s done, then that’s it. It stems from the notion that sex is only a “desert” and you shouldn’t over indulge. This makes Christian sex feel very cheap and insignificant. Intimacy among Christians should be viewed more as a main course with numerous second helpings to follow. It is a beautiful and very significant gift from God and it should be celebrated to it’s fullest, not limited to side dishes with stringent time frames to consume.
“We shouldn’t do this position”. There is a notion out there that certain positions are sinful and shouldn’t be practiced. The only issue with sexual postions are whether or not they are safe and comfortable for each couple. If both are in agreement and no unhealthy or unsafe issues are present, then certain positions shouldn’t be excluded from practicing intimacy.
“Premature ejaculation is OK”. Many Christian women will simply accept that their husband’s premature ejaculation problem is normal and should not be addressed. And the men are sometimes too embarrassed to admit it is going on. Meanwhile the wife is not receiving any sexual satisfaction. You can see the problem here. It is up to the male to learn ways to last as long as he can in order to sexually satisfy his wife. If he is prone to ejaculating too early, as many men are, he should take steps to prevent this problem from occurring.
“Oral sex should be avoided”. This is another sinful act in the minds of some Christians. Again, we should acknowledge that as long as the act does not cause harm and is agreeable with both, then this is a strong step towards it being acceptable. Bible verse doesn’t specifically ward off oral acts between two loving and married Christian couples. Some will interperet certain verses as they will and in the end it’s up to the couple to do their own due diligence on the matter. But if oral sex provides a sexually satisfying bond between couples, is agreeable and safe, then it should be considered an option for intimacy.
“We do the same sexual routine every time we have sex and this works for us.” Here is one of the biggest mistakes Christians who do have sex on a regular basis can make. This is a recipe for boring, and even though it may seem satisfactory in the present, eventually the lack of experimentation and intimate variety will catch up and sex will seem dull. It’s always good to learn new things, switch it up, include Christian safe sex toys into your intimacy, and vary positions in order to ensure that you are having an exciting sex life for years to come.

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Why Hot and Sexy Women Love Closet Metrosexuals

What you are about to read may shock you. I’ve got a confession to make. I, like most other hot women, am attracted to men that spend a significant amount of time and money dedicated to their appearance.

Once men accept that hot women are attracted to metrosexuals, how do they pull off the ‘look’ without appearing too over the top?

We all know that celebrity chick magnets don’t wake up looking like a million bucks. It takes time and effort to pull off that look and even more effort to make it seem effortless!
This article is for average men who want to uncover the secrets of how to attract ultra hot and exceptional looking women.

Secret #1 — Become Aware of the Way You Look

If you ask any hot woman, she knows right away what her best features are. She can also tell you which you aren’t going to get to see until you REALLY like her. We play up our best features and make sure that your total focus is on them. You want to emulate this strategy.

I want you to stand in a full length mirror. Then ask yourself, what are your best features and which should you play down. For example, if you have buff arms and thin legs make note of that. If your eyes are complemented often, but you haven’t worked out in years and it shows, make note of that.

Once you’ve fully assessed yourself, run your observations by someone else. This should be someone that you know will tell you the absolute truth.
Believe it or not, this simple task will get you well on your way to metrosexual chick magnet thinking.

Secret #2 — Dress to Impress

If up until today, you prided yourself on thinking that shopping is for women – it’s time to change your tune! I want you to start thinking that shopping is for men who have style and get chicks! I know you’ve seen pictures of Brad Pitt (the ultimate chick magnet and metrosexual) with shopping bags in his hands!

Now that you are aware of what your best attributes are, it’s time to play them up. For example, I know that I have phenomenal legs but at 5’4 they’re shorter than I would like. If I wear high heels and short skirts, men notice how great my legs are without thinking that they’re short.

Metrosexuals play up their best features with their attire. If you’re heavy in the mid section a sports coat can go a long way. If you have a great butt, feel free to wear jeans that fit well on your back side. Michael Mcquown, CEO of and self proclaimed metrosexual says, “I notice that when I wear blue shirts, women always complement me on my blue eyes.”

Some Attire Tips that Work for All Men Are:

” Always buy boot cut jeans.

” Pay attention to your shoes – style always trumps comfort!

” Size matters. If your clothing is too big, she’ll think
your mom did your shopping. If it’s too tight, she’ll be wondering if you’re homosexual instead of metrosexual.

” Match your belt color with your shoe color.

” If you’re new at this, stick with brand names that are

sold at department stores.

Secret #3 – Pay Attention to Your Grooming Habits From Hair to Hygiene

Are you aware that the women you consider hot and sexy don’t wake up looking that way? It takes work and time! If you’re planning to have some of this eye candy on YOUR arm – you’re going to have to spend some time on your grooming habits as well.

Let’s Start With the Hair on Your Head

Unless the bald look works for you, you’re going to want to spend a little bit of time and money on your hair. Find yourself a reputable salon. If you are clueless, just ask any hot woman and she’ll be able to point you in the right direction. Make sure your stylist gives you tips on how to maintain your new look.

Moving On To the Hair On Your Body

My best advice is to take MOST of it off! You can shave, wax, tweeze, or laser it off. Start with your face and work your way down. ‘Unibrow’ days are over. Properly groomed eyebrows are important to all metrosexuals. Facial hair depends on your preference. You just want to make sure it doesn’t scream, “I need a shower.” Hair on the chest is passable as long as it’s only a tiny bit. Hair on the back needs to go. Hair on the legs is perfectly acceptable as long as it’s trimmed.

What about Hair ‘Down There’?

This one is simple. Metrosexuals trim or shave completely. Bush is out!

Hygiene Musts:

” Take a shower before you go out.

” Pay attention to your teeth – a good dentist can help you score!

” Always wear cologne.

” Don’t skip the antiperspirant deodorant.

” Cut your finger and toe nails.

Secret #4 — You Want to Make it Seem Effortless

When you first start dabbling in metrosexual waters, it’s going to take time, money and lots of effort. You may have a desire to let women know all the trouble you’ve gone through to achieve your new look.
This is a pit fall and unfortunately for you, a double standard. While it may be perfectly acceptable for women to discuss their beauty secrets and mall time, you are not a woman. You are a straight male gone metro. Hot and gorgeous women are guaranteed to notice you. Let that be recognition enough for your hard work!

McQuown states that at they’ve found, “the men who get the most dates, are on to the metrosexual trend.” As an expert dating coach, I’ve had men go from having a hard time getting a date, much less an ultra hot one, to being a total chick magnet using these same techniques!

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