Christians and Sex – The Key to Intimacy

Christian married couples should be enjoying great sex on a regular basis. If this isn’t the case, then the key to intimacy is absent or lacking in one way or another.

Here is the key to Christian intimacy in 3 parts.

1. Recognition. You have to first recognize how important sex is in a Christian relationship. If you don’t place focus on recognizing the importance of sex, then you won’t do anything to improve it. Sex is VERY important and is an AWESOME gift from God which should NOT be ignored, but rather should be practiced regularly. If you look at sex in that kind of light then you recognize how important it is in your relationship and can start taking steps to drastically improve it.

2. Rules. I’m not going to list rules for Christians and sex, but rather address that the problem is often Christians getting too caught up in the confusion regarding rules. What positions are allowed, which techniques should we refrain from; these are common questions with a dozen different answers to them. Rather than get overwhelmed with rules, just pay attention to the 2 most important aspects of Christians and sex. Agreement and safety. Do you both agree on your intimacy practices? Are those practices safe, not causing obvious harm to one another? These 2 points should be met first before getting overwhelmed further with rules.

3. Enjoying Sex. This always gets left out of the equation when discussing Christians and sex. Everyone will focus on rules and guidelines, but will leave out the most important aspect of enjoyment. You should focus your sexual intimacy on the enjoyment factor. Sex was meant to be enjoyed! It is the celebration of your relationship in the ultimate, most intimate form. Always find ways that will improve your intimacy; ways that you can make sex as enjoyable as possible.

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